The 31st of January saw the Post Primary North East Regional take place in Ballymena Academy. Some great table tennis was on show and the results can be seen below.


Ballymena Academy

31st January 2024

 U14 Boys
1st Israel Stevenson Home Schooled
2nd Mark Millar Ballymena Academy
3rd Darsh Girisankar & James Righton both Dalriada

U14 Boys Consolation
1st Luke Johnston Cookstown High School
2nd Ben McCrickard Ballymena Academy

U14 Girls

1st Faith Stevenson Home Schooled
2nd Lizzie Goodrich Ballymena Academy
3rd Isbella Cooper & Sarah Lyttle both St Louis Ballymena

U14 Girls Consolation
1st Carla O’Brien St Louis Ballymena
2nd Lauren Davies St Louis Ballymena

U19 Boys
1st Ethan Sims Ballymena Academy
2nd Ryan Stevenson Ballymena Academy
3rd George McClean & Thomas Campbell both Ballymena Academy

 U19 Boys Consolation
1st Matt Barrett Cookstown High School
2nd Jay Wilson Cookstown High School

U19 Girls
1st Hope Stevenson Home Schooled
2nd Hollie Anderson Ballymena Academy
3rd Amy Baird Ballymena Academy

45 Participants – 4 schools
U14 Boys 13
U19 Boys 17
U14 Girls 12
U19 Girls 3

30B / 15G

Schools – Ballymena Academy, Dalriada, St Louis Ballymena, Cookstown High School

A word of thanks to those who organised the event, especially Norman McBride and Ryan Harrison. Also a word of thanks to Frank Shirley, John Fall, and Jimmy Sterling for their help on the day.

Thanks to Ballymena Academy for their hospitality, and for hosting the event.