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Ulster Masters Association

Masters/Veterans Table Tennis gives players the opportunity to play the sport to keep active, improve your wellbeing and offers an opportunity to socialize with your peers.

Masters/Veteran players must be aged 40 years or older to be eligible to play in Masters/Veteran events and in order to compete in Masters tournaments around Ireland, players must also have an affiliation to Table Tennis Ireland which costs €20 for a year.  Table Tennis Ulster arranges tournaments and events for our Masters/Veteran players in the north of Ireland and the results of these tournaments are used as a guideline for selection of players to represent Ulster at the Interpros. Further detail relating to events is available in the calendar section of the website or by emailing

Normally there is a separate Ulster Masters ranking list so that players can see how they compare with their peers. Due to Covid/lockdown restrictions that has not been implemented since 2020, but will be resumed for 2022/23. It is envisaged that there will be 5 or 6 ranking tournaments at various venues within Ulster. We hope to have details shortly.

Irish Veterans Table Tennis Society (IVTTS)

Within the IVTTS structure there are both male and female events organised in the age categories of over 40’s, over 50’s, over 60’s and over 70’s. If you wish to play competitively, there is a yearly membership fee to join the Irish Veterans Table Tennis Society (IVTTS) of €15. In order to compete in Masters tournaments around Ireland, players must also have an affiliation to Table Tennis Ireland which costs €20 for a year. Affiliation to TTI gives benefits such as competing at Irish tournaments/leagues, Personal accident insurance cover when playing Irish tournaments/leagues and Travel insurance cover when representing your country at international tournaments, plus more! If you are interested in joining the IVTTS or finding more information about the IVTTS, please email:

Irish Masters/Veteran players have the opportunity to represent Ireland in various Veteran Tournaments, such as the Veterans Home Nations Championship, competing against England, Scotland, Wales, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man.

Various competitions are hosted globally in Europe by the ETTU, for Men and Women in various different age categories. This gives Veterans the opportunity to travel, meet new people and keep active in a sporting community. See their website for the various opportunities for veterans and the classification criteria

The ITTF Foundation also host various World Veterans Tours for mass participation in an ever-growing veteran players community. Further information is available on