The excellent facilities of Lisburn Racquets Club once again paid host to the Ulster Schools’ Cup Individual tournaments held on the 17th April 2024. A big entry for the event required some changes to the usual group / knock out format, for some of the events with larger than usual entries. The new format was designed to ensure each player played a minimum of 3 matches in their event. A record 339 entries were received from schools and the hall had 28 tables set up and available to use. These were the parameters in which the new format was set to work. Unfortunately, on the day of the event, 55 players did not attend, approximately 15% of the total entries. This resulted in some players not playing the 3 matches that the format should have provided. To those players I extend my sincere apologies.

The 284 players that attended the event was in itself a record attendance trumping last year’s record figures of 261 players. Schools from all over Ulster were in attendance: even those schools that had to travel considerable distances were all in the Hall by 10.20. A big thank you to the schools for their endeavours to reach Lisburn Racquets in good time.

Councillor Andrew Gowan, Mayor of Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council attended the tournament and was most impressed by the scale of the event and the talent on show. It was also great to see Table Tennis Ireland’s new Chief Executive Officer, David McNally, pay a brief visit in the morning. Such visitors give a little more kudos to the event which was apparently one of the largest gatherings of table tennis players ever in Northern Ireland.

Before going into who won what, I must give a big hearted thank you to the team of volunteers who worked assiduously behind the scenes setting up the tables late Tuesday night for the Wednesday tournament. Arnold Morgan, Chair of TTI, Pat Hunter President of TTI, TTU executive board members Ranjit Singh, John McFaul, Jennifer Thompson and Adrian Brown: the top brass in Irish table tennis were not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get “stuck in” to the arduous task of preparing the Hall. Without this level of dedication tournaments don’t happen.

Then there were the monitors on the day checking that games were progressing smoothly, stepping in to umpire as required, returning match sheets to the top table when abandoned at the umpire desk. Thank you, Gary O’Hara, Francis Shirley, Ala Al Janabi and Robert Wilson.

Last but in no means least were the top table officials n charge of the various competitions: thank you Jimmy Sterling, Charlotte Sterling, Rodney Scott, Gillian Alsopp, Sandra Wilson, David Hutchinson and Robin Agnew: your help was invaluable.

Now it’s time to get down to the nuts and bolts of who won what. And the winners at the Post Primary Schools’ Individual Championships 2024 are:

U19 Boys

Gold: Ben Watson – Grosvenor

Silver: Aedan McGivern – Abbey Christian Brothers

Bronze: Euan Hannah – Grosvenor & Junior Close – Grosvenor

U19 Boys Consolation

Gold: Avam Wylie- Monaghan Collegiate

Silver: Alex Garvin – RBAI

Bronze: A Cathcart- Enniskillen Royal & Achmed Nawaz – Errigal College

U19 Girls

Gold: Emily Flynn – Bloomfield Collegiate

Silver Anjali Singh – Strathearn School

Bronze: Lily Smith – Sullivan Upper & Crystal Ho – Royal School Dungannon

U19 Girls Consolation

Gold: Alayah Peniero – Banbridge Academy

Silver: Selena Byrnes – Sullivan Upper

Bronze: n/a


U16 Boys

Gold: Aaditya Singh – RBAI

Silver: Daniel McFaul – Friends

Bronze: Jack Bailie – Grosvenor & Josh Peniero – Banbridge Academy

U16 Boys Consolation

Gold: Zach Scott – Banbridge Academy

Silver: Jack McManus – St Catherine’s College, Armagh

M Wilson – Enniskillen Royal & Adam Dawson – St Aidan’s Comprehensive


U16 Girls

Gold: Grace Looney – Methodist College Belfast

Silver: Niamh Mason – Assumption Grammar Ballynahinch

Bronze: Lily Parke – Grosvenor & Rebecca Scott – Bloomfield Collegiate

U16 Girls Consolation

Gold: Sophie Close- Bloomfield Collegiate

Silver: Jessica Cochrane – Bloomfield Collegiate

Bronze: Jasmine Doyle – St Aidan’s Comprehensive & Bethan Allen – Bloomfield Collegiate


U14 Boys

Gold: Christopher Allsop – RBAI

Silver: Toby Caldwell – Sullivan Upper

Bronze: Isaac Gough – Friends & Ben-Lee Cheung – Drumragh Integrated College Omagh

U14 Boys Consolation

Gold: Alfie Kennedy – Grosvenor

Silver: Joshua Tierney – Friends Lisburn –

Bronze: Jack Eaton – Royal and Prior Comprehensive School & Jay Topping – Sullivan Upper


U14 Girls

Gold: Eimear Hutchinson – Enniskillen Royal Grammar

Silver: Maddie Armstrong – Strathearn

Bronze: Kelsey Fannin – St Catherine’s College, Armagh & Faith Stevenson – Home School

U14 Girls Consolation

Gold: Nuria Goldston – St. Catherine’s College, Armagh

Silver: Sarah Martin – Banbridge Academy

Bronze: Ruby Wilkin – Monaghan Collegiate & Lily Woods – Banbridge Academy


U12 Boys

Gold: Karstan Close – Grosvenor

Silver: Matthew Bailie – Grosvenor

Bronze: Israel Stevenson – Home School & Curtis Rutten – Banbridge Academy

U12 Boys Consolation

Gold: Senan Gordon – St. Catherine’s College, Armagh

Silver: Caoimhin Quinn – St. Catherine’s College, Armagh

Bronze: Charlie Alderdice – Killicomaine Junior High & Yao Liang – Enniskillen Royal


U12 Girls

Gold: Polly Smith – Sullivan Upper

Silver: Lea Gal – Bloomfield Collegiate

Bronze: Jenny McQuiston – Banbridge Academy & Jane WilsonStrathearn

U12 Girls Consolation

Gold: Katie Bond – Sullivan Upper

Silver: Poppy Hannath – Killicomaine Junior High

Bronze: Sophia Robertson- Sullivan Upper & Harriett Davidson – Killicomaine Junior High


Norman McBride


Ulster Schools’ Table Tennis Association

19th April 2024