44 players came to Monaghan from all around Ulster to take part in what was a wonderful day of Table Tennis. It was great to see young players from Ormeau, Osmond, Mourne, Lisburn, Enniskillen and plenty of local talent on show.

They were split into 3 bands of 12 players and 1 band of 8 players. This ensured 7/8 matches for all players, all best of 3 set encounters.

Band 1:
Winner Jack Bailie

R/U Luke Ferris

Band 2:

Winner Kelsey Fannin

R/U Emily Reilly

Band 3:

Winner Sam Little

R/U Aaron Reed

Band 4:

Winner Dylan Hall

R/U Hannah Hall

A HUGE thank you to all the parents who continue to travel the globe with their superstars, David Hutchison and also a big thank you to Monaghan Collegiate School for the use of their fabulous facilities.